Citizens Constitution                                                          Australia



My name is Anthony Nicholas. I have created this web site to present a set of specifications for a new constitution for Australia. I have called it a Citizens Constitution to distinguish it from the more usual Politicians Constitutions, such as the one we have now. The full title of the site should be Draft Specifications for a Citizens Constitution for Australia because it describes the outcomes needed to achieve an efficient, effective and democratic system of government, rather than the legalities.

My qualification for drafting these specifications is my long and varied experience as an Australian citizen, as one who is governed.

The problems and difficulties with the existing Australian Constitution of 1901 and its associated conventions, are described in a vast amount of published work. The rationale behind these specifications is that our system of government is dysfunctional due to some basic flaws that have been identified and can be corrected. Rather than blaming our politicians or super-imposing regulations on an already flawed system, a revamp of our constitution is desirable.

But, before we can start writing another constitution, we need a consensus on the sort of system of government it should achieve, or at least how to start. The process of developing such a consensus will take years [and years], but it cannot begin without a set of concepts to argue about. These specifications may provide a starting point. Naturally, I do not think there is much to argue about.