Actually, according to our constitution. I am not so much a citizen as a subject of Her Majesty the Queen of England and before that of the three Kings who preceded her on the throne.

My childhood encompassed the great depression and the second world war. My father, an engineer, was a survivor of active service in the first world war and my adventurous mother, a widow for 36 years. I attended a couple of ordinary schools and one posh one and gained a BSc in mathematical statistics at Melbourne.

My wife and I, married for over fifty years  have three children and six grand-children.

My working life included several years of menial work in small business and a stint of 25 years in the commonwealth Public Service. We ‘retired’ to a small farm in rural Victoria and became involved in rural life including the LandCare movement.

Now, retired again, I have time to create a web site for my views on how Australia should be governed.